Kamakshi Prema Mandiram has no bar on caste, creed or religion or region to take orphans into its fold. Any child, who becomes an orphan, whatever may be the reason, finds a place in this heart of Prema Mandiram.


Prema Mandiram besides giving food, shelter, clothes provides education and provides best efforts to equip them to stand on their own legs by the time they grow up. Trust enables formal education, encourages job-oriented courses to suit their individual needs to make them as successful adults

Sri Kamesha yaga (Manasika yaga)

Sri Kamesha Maharshi performs (Manasika) Kamesha yaga on Advita Pattern. Just like Mansika pooja since Eswara Ugadi day (8th April 1997) and has been avocation this type of Yaga and since then he transformed himself as Sri Kamesha Maharshi. This Kamesha Yagam is apporvam and adbutham in this Sahaarabdi. This is like an application of “catalysis” in physical chemistry to enable human kind into a spiritual journey to attain moksham while living a normal human life

Renovation of Amaleswari Devi

Sri Kamakshi Peethadhipathi has not left any one area of culture and social development unturned. He has taken up the responsibility of renovation of Amaleswari Devi sahitha Amaleswara swamy temple the god after which Amalapuram town has named. This Amaleswara temple has a Teertham, a very big lake of 25 acres in area arranged by the devine people of heaven named as Chindada Madugu which is used to call as Sapta Godavari Sangama Sarovaram. This will get importance at the time of Godavari Pushkarams 


Sri Amaleswara Swamy Trust was registered with the number 2740/90. This was started in 1990.

Sankara Panchami project

The ansisters of jagadguru Adisankaracharya belonged to Hamsavaram village in Tuni Mandal and in Peddapuram division of east Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh.

With the blessings of Sankaracharyas of Kanchi Sri Kamesha Maharshi laid foundation stone for the Sankara Panchami project in the site donated by Behara family.

Plan was given by Sri S P Perumalachari the chief stapati of endowments department of govt of AP.

A beautiful temple is build in Hamsavaram village and open for pilgrims all over the India. 

Other adhoc support

Other number of socail, community and volunteer are activities being performed by SRI KAMAKSHI DEVI TRUST, AMALAPURAM for wider benefit of the community. 


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